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Medicinal Grade Pearl Powder
Exclusive product from the South China Sea

Hainan Heren Pearl Technology Co Ltd (ISO 9001)
5 grams x 4 satchets
OR 50g single satchet in presentation box
Hainan / China

pearl powder

Pure pearl powder


Long a favorite of Asian women. According to ancient Chinese history artistes in the Tang Dynasty began using Pearl Powder on their faces to protect and beautify their skin when applying stage makeup.  During the Ching Dynasty Empress Dowager began taking Pearl Powder internally as well as applying it to her face.

Heren is one of China's largest pearl powder producer due to its close proximity to the South China seas in Sanya. It is also one of the oldest company producing cultured pearls. With a long illustrious history in serving pearl connoiseurs, the company is also ISO certified.

Freshwater pearls have been collected for some 3,000 years by the Chinese, and not just for jewelry. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) employs the medicinal qualities of ingested powdered pearl to treat inflammatory illnesses including epilepsy, convulsions, hyperactivity, hypertension, insomnia and palpitations. Traditional Chinese medical doctors also suggest pearl to quiet nerves and improve vision.

According to ancient texts and records including  the "Compendium of Materia Medica," up thru the current "Pharmacopoeia PRC edition" pearl has been used for medicinal purposes from China for over 2000 years. Pearl has a reputation of being a medicine for treating certain diseases as well as preserving a youthful appearance. The cosmetic grade pearl powder is mixed with the inner shell of the oyster as compared to the medicated grade which is made wholly from pearls.

TCM physicians believe the calcium and other valuable minerals and amino acids from pearl powder can also be absorbed through the skin. They have found pearl powder, applied externally, speeds the skin's natural metabolism to tone and rejuvenate complexion, heal blemishes, minimize large pores and reduce redness. A pearl facial pack is said to rejuvenate dry, dull skin. CiXi, the last Dowager Empress of China during the Qing Dynasty (1644­1911), preferred expensive powdered pearl face masks to maintain her complexion. The most common method to use pearl powder is to grind the pearls into fine powder. It is then applied or consumed.

Picture below shows irregularly formed beads used in medicines and cosmetics.

During Ming dynasty the famous doctor Li Shizhen put in his medical book, Classical Chinese Materia Medica, the use of pearl powder for skin health:

 "Spread on face, lubricate skin and give good complexion. Spread on hands and feet, smooth skin and relieve chaps. Remove face acnes. Decrease secretion."

Romancing the Stone

Pearl has other interesting applications. In China, pearl powder is used to heal wounds because it is believed to have antiseptic properties. In the United States, surgeons frequently sprinkle a lower-grade pearl powder, called surgical pearl, into their latex gloves before operating. The soothing, antiseptic pearl powder absorbs excess moisture and may help prevent the spread of infection. Similarly, pearl powder sprinkled into shoes helps absorb odor and excess moisture. The peal has been used to treat ulcerous sores by sprinkling the sores with the powder. It enhances tissue growth and prevent infections.

Pearls are made of aragonite (CaCO3) and a small amount of conchiolin, an organic albuminoid substance. Oyster pearl powder and shell are both chemically the same and are good sources of calcium carbonate. The Jamu Shop offers a lower grade pearl powder for long term use as mask and other facial applications.

The seas of Hainan Island enjoys one of the last vestiges of unpolluted open oceans. This original product of Hainan is made from sea water pearl shell. It is processed using bio-technology to refine this natural substance without harming its nutritional constituents. It is a delicate and pure powder, with no additives. This powder contains many forms of amino acids, alculus bovis acid, mineral matter and trace elements, suitable for the elderly.


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Each satchet of the medicinal grade pearl powder is made from 200-300 pure pearls. Each pearl will require 3-5 years to form. Chinese physicians of all dynasties have made much use of pearl in traditional medicines because of its antipyretic and antidotal actions and its functions of stabilizing mentality and improving vision. This remedy is prepared purely from precious medicated pearl through ancient method in the form of powder for medicinal purposes. It is highly effective for infantile palpitation, fever, mental instability and also promotes the development of the physical constitution by retaining youthful countenance as well as the growth of flesh in the area of carbuncle. It removes heat which had resulted in acne and other heat related skin problems. Beautification uses includes: brightening eyes, whitening and  smoothening complexion and skin.

100% pure pearl powder. Each gram of the pearl powder contains:

1. Aspartic Acid Thronine Isoleucine
2. Serine
3. Alanine Phenylanine
4. Arginine Methionine Lysine
5. Glutamic Acid

[ Function and indication ]

Stabilizing mental status and palpitation, improving vision, retaining youthful countenance, antidotal and antifebrile. For infantile palpitation, fever, annoyance, bloodshot eyes, trouble of eyesight, thirst, insomnia, carbuncle and abscess, decline of organs.

[ Usage and dosage for medicinal grade pearl powder ]

* Internal administration

  1. Standard dosage - 0.3g per dose, 2-3 times a day, half dose for infants. Warm water to wash down powder.

  2. Beauty sleep dosage - 0.3g per dose, put the powder under the tongue for 4-5 minutes and wash down with warm water.

  3. Promotes good sleep as well as beautifies the skin.

  4. Sore throat, throat infection and mouth ulcers - can be consumed to eliminate the heat as well as the toxins.

  5. Burns, scalds, infections and wounds - As pearl powder has antiseptic property and it also encourages tissue growth, apply a small amount of the pearl powder at the affected site so as to accelerate healing with minimal scarring.

[ Usage and dosage for medicinal grade pearl powder ]

* Cosmetic applications

  1. After applying beauty creams on the face, the pearl powder can be directly placed on the skin and massage gently into the skin.

  2. Freckles removing method: Mix a pinch of the pearl powder with white vinegar and vitamin E oil and apply it over the face. Leave on the skin for 20 minutes before washing it off. Do this 2-3 times a week.

  3. Mix some pearl powder into the foundation powder and brush onto the face. This helps the foundation stays on the skin as well as nourish and whiten it.

  4. Mix 0.3 g of the pearl powder with water and tap onto the face before sleep to nourish the skin as well as helps the skin to rest thoroughly.

* Youthful masks

  1. Oily skin - After washing the face, place a piece of warm towel over the face to enlarge the pores. Mix 1-2 g of pearl powder with beaten egg or/and honey. Apply mixture on skin and leave on skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

  2. Dry skin - After washing the face, place a piece of warm towel over the face to enlarge the pores. Mix 1-2g of pearl powder with vitamin E. Apply mixture on skin and leave on skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

  3. Normal skin - After washing the face, place a piece of warm towel over the face to enlarge the pores. Mix 1-2g of pearl powder with plain water. Apply mixture on skin and leave on skin for 20-30 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

[ Contraindications ]

There are no known drug interactions or adverse side-effects associated with pearl. Several studies have shown that hydrolyzed pearl powder is harmless, and can be taken by anyone without experiencing negative side-effects. As always, however, make sure to consult with a licensed health care provider before taking pearl, pearl powder, or any other dietary supplement or herbal remedy.

[ About Sanya ]

Sanya pearl powderSanya is the coastal region of Hainan Island where the best seawater pearls can be found or harvested. Sanya has a coastline of 209.1 kilometers, which covers about 1/7 of the coastline of Hainan Island. Its sea area is 5,000 square kilometers, area for fishing is 16,000 square kilometers, 100.000 mu (6mu=1 acre) of sea area can be opened up for seawater aquaculture. Here the water is fertile and moderate in salt and is suitable for the growth of fishes, shrimps shellfish and aquatic plants. In particular the harvest time of pearl aquaculture can be one year shorter.

Sanya is superior in geography climate and natural resources. It is known as " the oriental Hawaii" and " Sunshine City" because of its special tropical scenes as well as its attractive nature. Sanya's tourist resources, richly endowed by nature, are not only special in China, but also rare in the world.

Most cultured pearls are freshwater species, which some TCM practitioners do not favour. Preference goes to the more expensive and difficult to harvest seawater species. We believe the quality of pearls, in terms of their nutrients and appearance.

One of the reason seawater pearls is difficult to harvest is due to the difficulty in maintaining water quality. Many coastal regions are polluted. This is why pearls from Sanya is one of the best as the region is blessed with clean water, optimal climate and water protection.

[ Honor roll for Hainan Heren Pearl Technology Co Ltd  ]

Pearl powder award

海南省综合实力30强企业 (Top 30 enterprise in Hainan)

国际质量体系认证证书 (International quality certification)

荣获2005年海南省科技成果转化一等奖 (2005 Technology award)

海南省著名商标 (Famous brands in Hainan award)

中国优质产品 (China quality product award)

中国质量认证中心 (China quality product certification)