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Jamu is a creation of the local, native Malay people in South East Asia, particularly in the Malay archipelago. They make their own curative treatments using natural ingredients, from barks to flowers. Jamu is world famous for increasing libido, sensuality and sexual fufilment. Thankfully, these natural methods are passed down from generation to generation.

Keloid black paste to soften and flatten keloid scars. Keloids differ from other scars in that they grow continously.
Angelicae Dahuricae powder, traditionally used as a whitening face mask as well as supplement to lighten skin and remove/prevent freckles. Now in powder form for convenient use.
Crocodile oil has been proven to repair skin problems from frost bites to eczema. Hygienically prepared to a high standard, our crocodile oil retains all important properties with only very slight alteration.
The Firdaus facial hair oil is light and odorless. Easy to apply; quick to
stimulate hair growth around the mouth and eyebrows.

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